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My Philosophy

"My dad has always told me "Enjoy it.  Work Hard.  Listen to your coaches," and this is so true.  Swimming is a brutal sport, and it is way too hard to do it if you don't truly love it.  You have to want it for you and only you.  It is just too hard to do this for anyone else.  I love the water.  I love racing.  This is what I want to do. 

If you want to succeed at the highest levels, I have learnt that it is in the training pool where you win your races.  "Train hard.  Race easy."  Push yourself, even when you think you have nothing left.  Let your mind rule your body.  It does hurt.  But pain is only in your head.  

Over the years people have told me that I am too competitive.  I don't believe there is any such thing.  If you want it, then go for it.  Set yourself goals, ambitious ones, and don't stop until you have achieved them.  The only person who can ever stop you from achieving your dreams is yourself.   


There are no short cuts in this sport.  I am 100% a clean athlete, and cannot abide cheating in any shape or form. I also believe firmly in the importance of being a good sportsman.  If someone is good enough to beat me, then good for them!  Just beware, I will come back for you next time!  

Everyone hits bumps in the road.  Just like everyone else there have been times when things haven't gone well.  But failures and mistakes are crucial to succeeding. Don't fixate on them.  Learn from them, put them behind you and keep looking forward. "

"My dream is to leave a legacy, within the sport and within my family. I want to do things nobody has ever done before, achieve things nobody thought was possible and leave this incredible sport in a better place than I found it. If I can do that then when I walk away from swimming I can walk away happy and until then, I'm just getting started!"